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Please submit your information below to get started!

How it Works:

We pickup and deliver laundry every Monday and Thursday. If laundry was picked up on Monday, it will be processed then delivered back to you on a Thursday. 

If laundry was picked up on Thursday, it will be processed then delivered back to you on a Monday. 



Delivery prices are $2.25 per pound, and we have a $50 minimum order charge. If your order comes out to be below $50 then you are charged $50 for the entire order.


Please choose "FLEX" delivery if you need rapid order. Same day service is charged as $3 per pound for pickup and delivery. Do NOT choose this option if its after 1pm on larger orders.

Comforters, duvet covers, throw blankets (large and small), pet beds, sleeping bags, and other larger household items are charged PER ITEM.

Terms and Conditions

We require credit card information to be on file when using our services.


If the card cannot be charged, we will reach out for a new card. If you cannot be reached then we will withhold delivery until payment is made.

All laundry items must be in a laundry bag and If you do not have one then one will be provided to you for $20 per bag.

If laundry is not placed in the bag then a new bag will be provided to you each time with a $20 charge.

Please be sure to always use your reusable laundry bag.

We do not accept laundry when it is in an open hamper or container.


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